Walking Tours of Hà Nội
For those visiting the north, Linda Mazur’s excellent historical walking tours of lesser-known areas of Hà Nội are highly recommended.

Friends of Vietnam Heritage
Friends of Vietnam Heritage (FVH) is an informal group of mainly Hà Nội residents from many countries, including Việt Nam, whose basic goal the preservation and advancement of Vietnamese heritage and culture, and whose purpose is to enhance and deepen the understanding of Việt Nam’s culture. FVH functions as a non-profit educational group.
FVH has a resource centre and also organises a programme of excursions, films screenings, lectures and guided walks of Hà Nội.

Sophie’s Art Tour
Visiting private collections, museums and contemporary art spaces in Hồ Chí Minh City, Sophie’s Art Tour examines the major shifts in 20th and 21st century Vietnamese history through art, taking you on a journey from colonialism to independence, from communism to globalisation. Tours run from 9am-1pm Tuesday to Saturday. Highly recommended.

Old Saigon
Contemporary photographs of surviving historic buildings taken by “residents of Saigon who enjoy photographing the remnants of the city’s historical architecture.”

Exploring Saigon and beyond – includes a special “Old Saigon” section.

From Saigon
Lys Bui’s drawings of heritage buildings aim to “capture the beautiful Sai Gon through its architectural, historic and nostalgic treasures.”

Antidote to Burnout
Mel Schenk’s fascinating blog subtitled “Return to design and construction in Việt Nam.”

Vanishing Saigon
Sights, stories and secrets from Vietnam’s most dynamic city.

Jodi Eats Food Walks
Join former lawyer Jodi Ettenberg on a food walk of Districts 1 and 3, with a morning, late afternoon or evening option. Walks last from two to four hours and focus on foods other than phở, with food history a big part of the information provided.

Welcome to Việt Nam
A new HTML5 interactive guide to Việt Nam.


Rail Thing – Railways and Tramways of Việt Nam
An open Facebook group set up to share images, maps, documents and links regarding the Railways and Tramways of Việt Nam from their inception in the 1880s to the present day.

Cộng đồng những người yêu thích đường sắt Việt Nam – Community of Việt Nam railway enthusiasts
A huge resource of images and articles on Việt Nam railways, mainly in Vietnamese but with a small English-language section.

Tôi yêu Đường sắt Việt Nam – I love Việt Nam Railways
The official FB fanpage of Cộng đồng những người yêu Đường sắt Việt Nam

Railways in Vietnam
A collection of information and images of trains and railways in Việt Nam by David Gurnett.

Dalat Train Villa and Cafe
The place to stay for cog railway fans visiting Đà Lạt.

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